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Weirdos Utopians:

I will add more later, too lazy now.

Name: Char

Likes:Tim Curry, pickles, Rocko's Modern Life, Salute Your Shorts, driving around but going nowhere, drawing, music, being a weirdo in a unique utopia

Dislikes: Close minded people, annoying noises, pop music, war, socks

Name: Linz

Likes: Trent Reznor, Daron Malakian, Jack White, your mom, pants, Don Hertzfeldt cartoons, morbid, ironic humour, hair dye, green nail polish

Dislikes: Evil corporations, people that smell bad, socks that match, normal people, the media

Name: Trent Reznor

Who the hell is that? Nine Inch Nails, of course. Mmm.

Name: Phil Anselmo

Who the hell is THAT? Singer of Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, etc.

Name: Kylie

Who's that? Wouldn't you like to know

Likes: Murderdolls, Jeff Hardy, Fozzie

Dislikes: Matt Hardy

Name: Khris

Who? iTurf superwoman also known as Uberkhris

Fun fact: grammar nazi

Name: Jeff Hardy

Who? WWE wrestler, of course. It had to be Jeff painting his arm.

Huggy guy. Old character, I got tired of him and so nothing ever happened with him. Yeah.
Name: Mowhawk guy, we'll call him Shrivel

Info: Head filled with unexplainable fluid and exploded, he is now a shrivelly weirdo that lives with a midget.

Name: Urination guy... or wait, we can call him Fred.

Fell in love with Char and pissed himself, when he proposed she said no and so he kidnapped us. We were thankfully saved by said midget.

Name: Tim Curry, ie Dr. Frank N Furter

What? He's from Rocky Horror, you ass clown

What's that? *slap*

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